Baal – directed by Catalina Carrasco

Statement “Transdansa”


Catalina Carrasco during “Realidad Invisible”‘s show

“Trans = “across, beyond, through, on the other side of” ”, indeed we’re transiting: we’re not from here nor from there. We’re not classified but we do have our identity. Our work is plenty of transversal lines joining points to create a translucent, transborder language; a language that does not obey to the established norms. A language eager to .transform conventions and rebels against conformism. A space exposing expressive beings, beyond the interpreter. This way biological and technological spaces filled with transgression are created.

Witch CROTCH, our new production, we open socio-political paths about gender, feminism and transfeminism.



Catalina Carrasco & Gaspar Morey


Catalina Carrasco & Gaspar Morey at “Travelling to Nowhere”

Catalina Carrasco is a dancer, choreographer & performer. The starting point of her work is motion research. Searching for the essential and for the transformation of the own body. Her creations are very sincere and rarely leave the spectator untouched. She has been awarded several times on her own, but also collaborating with other artists. She has performed all around Europe, Middle east, South Amèrica and Asia.

Gaspar Morey is a performer and a scientist (PhD in Biomechanics). As a biomechanist he has been studying human motion from a scientific. He’s always had an interest for scenic arts, especially for contemporary dance.  he stardted collaborating with Catalina Carrasco until create Baal.

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Baal company’ shows

The Baal company was created by Catalina Carrasco & Gaspar Morey in 2013. Among our shows you can find Clove, Invisible Reality, Amalgama, Travelling to Nowhere and Crotch. Travelling to Nowhere was awarded with the CENIT Award 2014. Baal has been selected twice for touring at the Spanish network for alternative theatres as well as for the AECID catalogue from the national culture ministry. The company has toured in Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Hungary, Finland, Sweden Mexico and Korea.

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Baal Company. Catalina Carrasco at “Travelling to Nowhere”

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