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  • PILL 1 – Ginoide Solo: 13 minutes
  • PILL 2 – Duo Ginoide & Max: 12 minutes
  • PILL 3 – Duo Ginoide & Augustin: 25 minutes


Festival Palmadansa 2019


New London 2029. In a global society where personal relations are a privilege, we find Augustin, “chief technology officer” of a multinational corporation. Submerged in a
working routine that places him at the edge of the void, Augustin lives in anxiety.
In order to break with all the monotony, he searches for someone able to integrate into his repetitive life cycles. The peculiar relationship between Nana, his new mate, is altered by a new
situation; a third element cuts into their relationship. This will make her question her own existence.
GINOIDE is a female resembling robot, designed mainly for sexual purposes. Nana was designed following the stereotyped, objectifying canons for women that are actually prevailing in our
neoliberal society, where consumerism dictates the rules that our bodies, real or fake, ought to follow Inspired in series and films such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Black Mirror or Ex-Machina, the
relationship between Nana and her owner Augustin, will make us think about sentimental as well as sexual relationships. Where is humanity heading to? What will happen to the reproduction
of our species?

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